Snapchat Spectacles Cost Six Times their Price Tag

Accessibility for Your Business

A new wave in e-Commerce?!

One of this year’s most talked about new tech gadgets is Snapchat Spectacles. Spectacles are glasses with a built-in camera that pairs with your phone and feeds into the Snapchat app.

Essentially, you can upload images and videos from your perspective right to your Snapchat story.

While Snap, Inc. has worked hard to create a cool and young image to avoid the same fate as Google Glass, they still have many unhappy consumers who can’t even get their hands on a set of Spectacles. They currently sell all Spectacles through vending machines around the country and supplies are definitely limited. Of course, this means many are taking to the internet to sell their Spectacles at a premium.

The glasses are priced at $130, but are selling for over $750 on eBay and other similar sites.

Procurement & Exclusivity

Snap Inc. may have their reasons for making their new glasses so exclusive, but we think all businesses deserve a chance to be part of the insiders. As a business, you can have access to better prices through e-procurement because you are spending at a different rate than personal shoppers.

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