When is the Real Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday and Mobile Shopping

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why don’t you try B2B Purchasing platforms for 30 Days free?

Black Friday has arguably become Black November with some ‘Black Friday Comes Early’ sales starting as early as November 1, like Target’s one toy per day sale. While the Black Friday sales have stretched in duration, the day itself has seen major trend shifts. For example, this year online shopping increased by a steep 21.6% on Black Friday compared to the same day last year.

One key aspect of the Black Friday online shopping shift is mobile access.

Now shoppers have a comparison tool right in their pocket so even if they are shopping in-store, they can purchase online through their smartphone.

Adobe estimated that one third of Black Friday sales were mobile purchases.

Mobile Procurement Purchasing

Can your Business Keep Up with Mobile Purchasing?

Clearly companies with a poor mobile user experience would miss out on a huge portion of their market. Mobile is becoming an increasingly popular means for purchasing software.

While this is evident in personal shopping like Black Friday, some businesses turn a blind eye to the mobile shopping opportunities for their procurement.

E-procurement platforms, like Vroozi, can help you get the best results through comparison shopping and mobile access. Mobile procurement means more than convenience, though that’s an important benefit, too. Mobile access means empowered employees who have the resources to achieve procurement goals.

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