Cyber Monday Preparation for the Holidays

How Well is your Procurement Software Handling Seasonality

Most of the year consumers fall into pretty predictable buying patterns.

They buy BBQ goods before summer holidays, more popsicles in the summer, and more hot cocoa in the winter. For the most part, consumers don’t pay too much attention to the timing of their purchases- they just buy what they need when they need it.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the end-of-year sales are all pointed at holiday gift-giving. (Even if the gift-giving is to yourself!) Shoppers hold off on some “big buys” knowing that the best sales will hit just after Thanksgiving. This is the time of year where people start to get really strategic about their buying because it’s the time it will make the biggest impact on their wallet.

Waiting just a couple weeks can mean hundreds of dollars in savings.

Procurement Cyber Monday

Pre-Holiday Strategic Purchasing

Procurement Strategic Purchasing

Procurement is all about creating a strategy to reach your purchasing goals. An e-procurement platform gives you the resources to create the best strategy.

For example, Vroozi’s e-procurement system allows you to see price history for items so you can strategize with the seasonality of the items you purchase.

Essentially, every Monday can be Cyber Monday with the right procurement.

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