Global Procurement Solutions & World Culture

How Procurement Affects Countries Around the World

As a global company, we understand that different countries face different procurement needs. This season we are going to take a virtual trip around the world to explore procurement in a variety of countries.

The Global Supply Chain

In an ever-changing world, politically, economically, and socially, watching indicators like the Procurement & Supply Risk Indexis important. The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply report that risk is on the rise and is the highest it has been since 2013.

Political shifts play a major role in this increase in risk.

Uncertainty about Brexit, an incoming US president with strong trade opinions, and region-specific events all feed into our global economy’s risk factors.

Procurement Around the World

How to Combat Procurement Risk

Protect yourself from risks by staying ahead of potential issues. Predict and forecast areas of risk. For example, analyze your current suppliers and consider how you can solidify current supplier relationships and branch out into new relationships. This will help you avoid being too dependent on one supplier during a changing economy.

Using a strong Supplier Management software will help you improve supplier relations.

Using the best in procurement technology will help you manage risk, forecast issues, and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

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