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Today we are visiting the world of procurement in Kenya.

You may be surprised to learn that Kenya is the leading developing country to use mobile payments.  A whopping 56% of Kenyans make or receive payments using their cell phone according to Pew Research.

This incredible rate of adoption is largely credited to M-Pesa, a service introduced in 2007 by VodafoneM-Pesa translates to “mobile money” and enables users to transfer payments for a small fee.

World Procurement Kenya

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How Kenya’s Economy Shaped Their Mobile Use

Another key factor that has led to what is called “Kenya’s Mobile Tech Revolution” is the booming access to mobile phones versus other technologies.

A feature in Selamta Magazine points out, “when the idea of mobile payments was introduced, the majority of Kenyans did not have access to formal financial services. With the advent of M-Pesa, any mobile phone could operate like a mini banking center.

The massive mobile growth in Kenya can be a lesson to everyone in procurementMobile means access from anywhere.

If your procurement system isn’t mobile, you have a huge missed opportunity. Now more than ever, the world is connected through their mobile device.

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