Could Better Procurement Solutions Help Save Lives?

Trip to Tanzania to See Procurement Systems in Practice

Yesterday we took a look at the Gambia’s efforts to use procurement to fight poverty, now let’s travel to Tanzania to see some other creative solutions to social issues Africans face today.

Despite the common setbacks developing countries face, many companies find opportunities when they’re willing to get creative. SMS for Life is a partnership that involves Novartis, IBM, and Vodafone.

With poor supply chain visibility, rural clinics in Tanzania often faced outages of life-saving malaria drugs.

SMS for Life created a system where frontline health workers would text a weekly stock count to a central database. Then Novartis can dispatch drugs to clinics where they are most needed.

Within a short six months, 129 facilities were participating in the SMS for Life data collection. Outages dropped from 26% to .8%. Program partners estimate they have provided access to malaria drugs to 300,000 people.

World Procurement Tanzania

When Procurement Makes a Difference

Procurement in Every Industry

Whether your company provides life-saving service or business services, you need reliability you can count on.

E-procurement is more accessible than ever. No longer does procurement only relate to big enterprises. Procurement is easy to afford and accessible.

Just like SMS for Life’s incredible results in Tanzania, we know we can improve your accuracy too.

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