Limited Procurement Solutions in Africa Means Creativity

The Power of Procurement

Africa is growing at an incredible rate. In 2013, the growth in Africa surpassed Asia’s growth rate for the first time.

While the economy grows, Africa faces a unique set of infrastructure challenges that requires some creativity to overcome.

Importing to some African countries can take as long as three months, so companies have had to get creative about how they get their goods to consumers.

Coca-Cola has built a system that pairs its traditional direct-to-store deliveries with a network of small micro distribution centers (MDCs). MDC owners use small handcarts that allow them to navigate narrow roads, and Coca-Cola provides training in sales and merchandising.

Coca-Cola has benefited from over 3,000 MDCs throughout East Africa, which accounts for 80% of their business and provides 13,500 jobs.

Supply Chain Infrastructure

Creative Supply Chain Solutions

User Experience Everywhere

While Coca-Cola is known for being an advertising leader in many modern, cutting-edge ways- they beautifully adapted to the needs in Africa.

Without that adaption, no amount of advertising would increase their revenue if consumers couldn’t get their hands on their product.

In procurement software terms, Coca-Cola made a powerfully user-friendly experience. Nobody would expect anyone from a rural African town to visit a large distributor in a big city for a bottle of soda, but by making their soda easy to access, Coca-Cola has seen incredible growth in Africa.

Vroozi knows that user experience is everything. If your users can’t get past the complexity of your technology, they simply won’t use it. That’s why we created a software platform that’s easy and accessible. Better adoption means faster and more long-term savings for you.

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