Internet of Things – Risk Concerns

Safety Online and Procurement Software

The Internet of Things is quickly growing, but many are apprehensive and question IoT security.

Half of consumers say they have not purchased an IoT device because of their security concerns.

Executive Director of NCSA, Michael Kaiser, stated, “The Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities for managing our health, homes and businesses, but we need to have our eyes wide open about the risks as well.”

With the risks involved, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from IoT security threats.

  1. Pay attention to what data is collected about you and always keep track of all IoT devices.
  2. Take extra care to secure your mobile device if you control IoT devices with your mobile phone.
  3. If you use a router, take extra care to protect your wi-fi connection, like having a password that would be difficult to guess.

IoT Security


Feeling Secure Online

Secure Procurement

When you use e-procurement, you have to know that your confidential information is safe.

As a business, protecting your information is a top priority.

Vroozi recognizes the risks involved and has used a series of safety measures so you never have to worry about the safety of your information.

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