New Automated Warehouse Sets Up Mai Dubai for Success

Procurement Automation Means Goal Success

With all this virtual travelling, we are going to take a break from flights and stick around in Dubai for another day. Don’t forget our virtual trips to Africa with Kenya, Gambia, Tanzania and Nigeria

While traveling, staying hydrated is important and Mai Dubai was the only bottled water company to receive the highest food safety rating by the Dubai Municipality in 2015. Committed to growth and achieving their 2020 goals, Mai Dubai has partnered with Swisslog for a mega expansion of an automated raw and packing material warehouse.

Everything from pallet stacker cranes, conveyor systems and a highly efficient storage and retrieval system will put Mai Dubai on track to meet their 2020 goals.

Achieve in 2017

Procurement Goal Setting

Real Action to Reach Goals

On the procurement side of supply chain, automation improves your process to jumpstart you on the path to reaching your goals.

Whether your goals focus on achieving a healthier bottom line, giving employees the resources they need, or having better insight into your spending for purchasing strategy – automated procurement system helps you get there.

Vroozi helps companies reach their goals. Every company can benefit from procurement software and with Vroozi e-procurement is available to all company sizes.

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