Mobile Can Account More Spending Than Desktop

Are you Keeping Up with Shopping Trends?

This year we saw some major tipping points in shopping trends. As online shopping grows every year, we also see this growth move into mobile shopping.

Mobile shopping has passed up desktop spending in three categories. (Video Gaming, Toys & Hobbies, and Flowers, Greeting & Etc.)

While mobile shopping continues to increase, trends show that the higher the price per product, the more likely people are to use their desktop to purchase. This is likely the result of fears about mobile safety.

In today’s economy being able to provide a shopping experience that keeps up with shopping trends and is a safe experience is vital.

Mobile Take Over Desktop

Modern E-Procurement Safety

Procurement Trends Looking into 2017

Business shopping is set to follow the trends of personal shopping. Businesses that provide their employees the same comfort and ease of online shopping at home will reap the benefits.

Lower cost, less work and preparation for the future will put your business in position to face everything 2017 has in store.

With procurement solutions and desktop shopping that is familiar and comfortable, your business will benefit from a stress-free purchasing solution that helps you create a spending strategy that works for you.

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