Principles for Creating a Great Mobile Home Page

Research by Procurement Solutions for the Perfect Mobile Experience

Google and AnswerLab conducted research to discover the key factors of a good mobile web site.

Through watching hundreds of people interact with mobile websites, they pulled out key characteristics that help mobile site find success.

For the home page, they suggested four main tips.

  1. Make your Call-to-Action front & center.
  2. Your Menu should be short & sweet.
  3. Make it easy to return to the homepage.
  4. Don’t let promotions interfere with navigation.

4 Steps to Making Your Mobile Home Page Great

Is your business keeping up with mobile growth?

Mobile user experience is key.

Mobile technology is booming and your business can take advantage of mobile in many more ways than just building a great mobile website.

In today’s procurement software, you can leverage business shopping on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Gone are the days of a printed Excel spreadsheet to track your purchase orders, approvals, and invoices.

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