E-Procurement: Better Connections Mean More Opportunities

Pakistan and China Team Up to Recreate Silk Road

Today’s virtual trip is more of a journey than a destination. Our journey will take us from Pakistan to China and back to the 2nd century BC.

Pakistan and China are teaming up in efforts to re-create the Silk Road for better transportation of goods and more supply chain opportunities. The original Silk Road started as early as 2,200 years ago, but eventually ended in the 14th century for global factors like politics, plague concerns, and increased sea travel.

The first train in this new China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project (CPEC) has left from Kunming, China headed for Karachi, Pakistan.

New direct sea rail and freight service will reportedly cut transport costs by 50% between East Asia and the Middle East.

Procurement and Supply Chain in Pakistan

Your Own Procurement Silk Road

Cutting Procurement Costs

How can your business create its own Silk Road?

As each department involved in business purchasing software becomes more connected you will easily find better savings and processes.

With great spending visibility, you can create better spending strategies and track past successes and failures.

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