What to Expect from E-Procurement in 2017

Technology Trends to Watch

  1.   Mobile shopping will continue to grow.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2016 proved the mobile shopping boom isn’t going anywhere. Mobile shopping will continue to grow and businesses everywhere should be in tune with the opportunities mobile shopping provides.

  1.   Technology will play a bigger role in food sourcing for restaurants.

We believe this prediction will be true for not only restaurants, but all industries. Online procurement capabilities are advancing quickly and are more available to businesses of every size.

4 Tech Predictions that Will Affect Procurement in 2017

  1.   Freight costs will decrease as small businesses get access to big business capabilities.

Because technology is so available to businesses of all sizes, businesses can all take advantage of strategic sourcing. Like Dr. Zvi Schreiber, founder and CEO of online freight marketplace Freightos stated, “Real-time access to information is a game-changer, enabling the smallest companies to easily source globally, just like multi-nationals.”

  1.   Smart employers will use better technology to engage employees.

This prediction is what Vroozi procurement software is all about! We want to keep employees engaged so businesses can keep the best talent on board.

What predictions do you expect to see come true in 2017?

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