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Baobab Trees, Madagascar

You may have been introduced to Baobabs like me, while reading Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince.’ They are beautifully distinct trees with wide trunks, up to 3m in diameter, with a flat-topped bit of greenery only at the top. Their flowers are said to smell like sour watermelon.

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen

These trees are iconic of the area they come from with an umbrella-like shape and blood red tree sap. Its sap, from which its name was derived, was extremely value in the ancient world and is still used today as a crimson dye.

Vroozi’s Tree Starter Kit: World’s 4 Most Interesting Trees

Giant Sequoias, USA

Sequoias are not only the world’s largest single trees, but also the largest living thing by volume. The tallest tree measured was 311 ft in height.

Wisteria, Japan

Wisteria is a beautiful flowering vine that can be grown as a tree. Its flowers range from pink to purple and droop down in romantic willow-like vines. The oldest Wisteria is a nearly 150-year old tree in Japan that covers a massive 1,990 sq. meter area with its flowers when it blooms.

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Vroozi offers a sustainable paperless solution that improves business processes while protecting our Earth’s resources, too.

You can try our procurement software today free and request a Tree Starter Kit to try out ordering the Vroozi way. We will also send a tree to Tanzania for each tree ordered.

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