KPMG’s Americas Procurement Leader Knows Procurement Progression

How Does Your Company Harness the Power of US Procurement Technology?

As this new year begins, we are not only looking to the future and our goals for 2017, but also recognizing the incredible leaps and bounds we made as a company and as an industry.

KPMG’s Procurement and Operations in the Americas Practice Leader, Samir Khushalani, recognizes how far procurement has come, too.

Explaining how ineffective procurement once was, he said:

“Such implementations could take years, especially if you were dealing with global enterprises. And it could cost you millions and — I kid you not — even billions of dollars to deploy these huge systems. So, obviously, that becomes a huge source of friction.”

He went on to say that procurement requires much more than just strategic sourcing, and things like supplier relationships can be a real “competitive differentiator.”

Pointing out the effect of technological advancements, Khushalani notes that systems are much easier to deploy, support and use.

Vroozi USA Procurement: KPMG

Vroozi, US Procurement Technology Leader

How Technology Changes Everything

Khushalani’s statements really stuck a chord with us as he was describing the very foundation of why Vroozi was created.

As our founders recognized the flaws in pricy, complicated procurement systems, they recognized a better way was possible.

As we developed and new technology developed, we have been able to create procurement that is affordable to everyone and very user-friendly >>


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