Vroozi, the online procurement platform that helps businesses make the best and most collaborative purchasing decisions possible, is proud to announce that one of their own, Brant Barger, will continue his national tech talk tour throughout the new year.

At 7 pm on January 18, 2017, the creative co-working space, CTRL Collective, in Downtown Los Angeles will host Barger’s newest installment, titled, “Creating Voice Commands for the Amazon Echo Using AWS Alexa Skills Kit & AWS Lambda Functions.”

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Barger is a Front End Developer at Vroozi, who has taken a recent interest in programming for the Amazon Echo and voice control, in general. When asked what prompted him to make this the topic of his talk, he says, I think there will be many uses for voice control programming in the B2B space that will come to the surface very soon. Giving a presentation to the development community felt like a great way to share what I know and learn from the community at the same time.”

Ultimately, Barger hopes to help reduce the intimidation factor for those looking to use voice control in their projects.

Vroozi’s Brant Barger Giving Talk on Alexa Voice Control Applications

Throughout the talk, Barger will lead attendees through the process of creating a small voice-controlled application for the Amazon Echo. Says Barger, We’ll go over the steps needed to use AWS Alexa Skills Kit and set up an audio interface that responds to voice commands. We’ll choose which voice ‘Trigger’ we want to use to activate our application, we’ll create an ‘Interaction Model,’ and we’ll route our commands to an AWS Lambda function to handle the request.” He adds, “We’ll also use Node.js to create that function and connect it with our Alexa Skill.”  

Barger is passionate about functional programming and always eager to learn more. He plans to continue leading these talks and expanding his outreach by taking them to new audiences across the country.

He also encourages other developers to lean into leading conversations on the subject and contributing to the tech community through their own unique knowledge. Says Barger, “I want to push others to give their own talks. To me, it’s a misconception that there are experts and novices. We can all be a teacher to someone, no matter what our experience level.”

Vroozi’s Brant Barger Giving Talk on Alexa Voice Control Applications

Vroozi is very proud to see leadership springing up from its internal team, and looks forward to continuing to foster a spirit of mentorship and growth within this and surrounding communities.

Vroozi congratulates Barger on the great opportunity and will be sharing updates from the event as they occur.

by Jessica Ferguson, Marketing & Communications Strategist


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