Elaine Chao as Trump’s Department of Transportation Chief

Future of US Procurement and Shipping

While Trump’s campaign promised massive changes like repealing the North American Free Trade Agreement, the future POTUS has toned down his rhetoric since being elected, providing a little comfort to the many workers affected by the NAFTA.

Trump’s choice for Department of Transportation Chief, Elaine Chao, is particularly comforting to shippers and transport providers.

Elaine Chao served as labor secretary during the latest Bush administration and as deputy secretary of transportation from 1989 to 1991.

She is known for reigning in regulation and being pro-business.

Supply Chain: US Shippers React to Trump’s DOT Chief Pick

Benefits for US Workers

Changes in Washington D. C.

Under the Obama administration, motor carriers faced a long list of regulations aimed at safety, but also limiting in capacity and controlling of shipping rates.

Many look forward to a more conservative administration, which could be a major win for transporters.

As transporters look forward to better control of their own industry, so too can procurement look forward to improvements. Each link of the supply chain relies on each other. When one piece becomes stronger, the whole chain improves.

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