Paperless Procurement: Da Vinci’s Rule of the Trees

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500 years ago, Da Vinci observed a fascinating pattern in trees.

He found that the size of a tree’s trunk had a universal relationship to the size of the sum of the tree’s branches. Essentially, he hypothesized that if a tree’s branches were all folded in perfectly together, they would be exactly equal to the thickness of the trunk.

Kate McCulloh of Oregon State University said, “Leonardo’s rule is an amazing thing. Until recently, people really haven’t tested it.”

Paperless Procurement: Da Vinci’s Rule of the Trees

Procurement Learning from Nature

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What is still under debate regarding Da Vinci’s Tree Rule is why trees grow in this relationship. One popular theory is that this growth pattern best protects trees from wind damage.

As companies and organizations, we all have many moving pieces and departments, or branches. We can always expect potentially harmful winds, whether they are a changing economy or a shift in our industry. By keeping each branch of our business healthy, we can protect ourselves as a whole when those winds come.

For a healthy procurement branch, utilize the best technology for your business. A digital procurement platform can help you manage all things procurement so you can be ready when the next wind comes.

Vroozi offers healthier procurement.

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