Trump’s Inauguration: New Beginning in United States

What Does the Future of Procurement Hold?

President-elect Trump is planning many changes to the orders created under the Obama Administration.

According to Washington Technology, Trump’s future regulatory reforms will play a large role in the future of American procurement.

While the exact reforms are yet to be decided, the first targets are likely going to be the regulatory burdens that increase compliance costs.

The Coalition for Government Procurement reported that “the provisions of law or executive orders applicable or potentially applicable to commercial item contracts have increased from 17 to over 50” between 1996 and 2012.

This dramatic increase in a relatively short span of time has had obvious consequences for government and private procurement alike.

Future of US Procurement: American Inauguration Tomorrow

Government Procurement and Private Procurement

Better Visibility is Means Better Strategy

In the private sector, we can learn from the changes made on the federal level.

With the vast increases in government regulations has come a less efficient and effective procurement system, according to Washington Technology.

Knowing the right strategy for your own business will help your infrastructure thrive.

An online procurement platform created to fit your needs means you will have a simple interface with only the features that will help you. Burdensome, complicated procurement systems are not your only option.  With e-procurement, you can lead an effective and efficient purchasing department.

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