Hyperloop One: American Innovation

USA Procurement and Transportation in 2017

Hyperloop One is pioneering the technology for high-speed transport of goods and people.

“Hyperloop is a new way to move people and things at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket. It’s on-demand, energy-efficient and safe. Think: broadband for transportation.”

The builders of Hyperloop One propose to build a series of underground tunnels that would move cargo or passengers at speeds of up to 750 mph.

High-speed transportation is developing quickly and could have major effects in multiple industries. Hyperloop One plans to run their first full system test in early 2017.

Potential consequences go much deeper than just cheaper, more effective transportation, too. For example, the Los Angeles Port is one of the busiest in the world.

Much of that cargo leaves on trucks to be delivered to other States. Removing the need for cargo-carrying trucks would be a major relief on many cities traffic problems.

Hyperloop One: The Future of Transportation?

American Innovation

Staying Up to Speed with New Technology

New technology that can take the best of the past and add solutions is what truly helps industries progress.

Hyperloop One may very well become the new transportation technology, just as so many technologies have propelled their industries before.

Procurement technology continues to improve finding the solutions that companies really need to be successful. E-procurement moves information in a way that is seamless with businesses’ needs.

Companies of all sizes have access to procurement tools that were once only for large enterprises. We are truly in an era of ever-improving technology.

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