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Procurement Winner of the Year… Copenhagen!

As we strive for better business and better Earth through paperless procurement, we want to spotlight others who support the same ideals.

Copenhagen is the most recent winner of the International Green Procurement Award.

Denmark’s capital received this award based on how the city procures food for its schools, daycare institutions and elderly homes. Not only is the city’s method for procurement noteworthy, but also the food they provide reflects their values of healthy living, too.

Pia Allerslev, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for children and youth issues said, “The procurement of food products is a very successful and efficient way to impact the environment and consumption.”

“In Copenhagen Municipality we have discovered a way to sustainably procure for the city’s citizens without increasing costs, and

[our] method has inspired other cities in Europe to follow suit. By sharing our experiences, we can reduce food waste, utilise our resources better and shorten the producer-to-consumer chain.”

International Green Procurement Award Winner 2017

Vroozi for Paperless Procurement

How Vroozi Goes Green

At Vroozi, we believe the same ideals can be honored in all aspects of business. Paperless procurement has a considerable impact on the environment and that impact will increase as more businesses adapt to paperless procurement

Our partnership with ForestNation is to promote the paperless procurement ideals we believe in.

If you are interested in improving the environment through your business, you can start by requesting a free tree seedling today through the Vroozi Trial Platform.  We will send you a free tree seedling and send a tree to a developing area in Tanzania.

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