Social Technology’s Role in the Workplace

How Procurement Can Improve with Social Technology

Social technology connects over 1.5 B people worldwide. Users continue to adopt social technology at an unprecedented rate. Today, it affects not only how we socially interact, but also how we interact with businesses.

In a recent McKinsey report, researchers found that 61% of the average interaction worker’s week is spent on non-role-specific tasks. So less than 16 hours per week are actually spent on role-specific work. People are talking about work more than they are actually getting work done.

Procurement professionals are affected by this, too. McKinsey reports that the right social technology can alleviate the time burden of communication. Better communication leaves more time for role-specific tasks.

Procurement Improvement: Social Technology

Using Social Technology in Procurement

The right procurement technology will give you more time back in your week.

Good technology automates many of the mundane paperwork aspects of procurement. In terms of social technology, good procurement allows you to interact directly as a team and with suppliers.

Internal Communication

As the McKinsey report describes, too many hours in each week are wasted on inefficient communication.

In your procurement organization, you can cut down wasted time e-mailing as the right people have access to get the information they need quickly.

Supplier Communication

Instead of trying to communicate with suppliers over phone or e-mail about an issue regarding Invoice #234098097, you can communicate right within the invoice on the procurement platform.

Improved communication improves your relationship to suppliers and alleviates a time-consuming burden for your procurement team.

Our procurement solution is all about simplifying what you do, so you can do more with less.

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