Sailing into Better Procurement

Off the coast of California, a little south of Los Angeles, sits Santa Catalina Island. Spending time on the ocean en route to Catalina is one of my favorite ways to decompress and de-stress. To get to Catalina, you have a few options. I prefer sailing, using the naturally supplied power of the wind to carry us to the island. Most sailboats can harness the win and have an engine to assist when the weather isn’t in our favor. 

Some brave travelers choose to kayak the open ocean to Catalina.

Taking this trip by kayak requires great strength, endurance, and a huge time investment compared to sailing. Kayaking can also be extremely dangerous for unprepared voyagers. Even for experienced kayakers, a storm or accident can quickly end in disaster. At the end of the journey, kayakers and sailors land on the same island, but each had an entirely different journey.

Procurement Powered by Vroozi

The procurement journey is not so different from sailing. All companies face different options for powering their journey. All have the same end-goal of procurement success, but their journey depends on their method. Manual or Excel tracking demands hours of manual labor and laborious tasks, not so different from the efforts of kayakers. Just as kayakers face certain dangers, manual procurement can lead to costly mistakes like over-billing, duplicated invoices, and general disorder that disrupts a company’s healthy cash flow.

E-procurement offers a faster, better journey. Just as a sailboat allows you to use the natural flow of the wind to propel you to your goal, the right e-procurement enables your process with a natural flow that propels you to procurement success. Intuitive procurement systems eliminate the frustrating re-occurring issues that pop up in manual systems. Just like a sailboat has an engine to help you when conditions are not perfect, e-procurement systems like Vroozi’s helps you avoid bottlenecks, pitfalls and manual setbacks.

While kayakers may end up with an incredible story at the end of their difficult journey, we find that bragging about overcoming a manual procurement system does not have the same effect at parties. (Please do let us know if you have experience with either. We are still collecting data.)

So if you know your procurement final destination, how will you get there? Harnessing the right e-procurement technology will get your business there faster, easier, and safer.


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