Procurement Check-Up for a Successful Quarter

How to Examine Your Procurement’s Health

The third fiscal quarter of the year is right around the corner. With just a couple of weeks left, this is the perfect time to do some self-analysis of your procurement efforts. Here are 5 helpful questions to know if your procurement is on track.

  1. Are our budgets on track for this year? This quarter? This month?
  2. More importantly, do I have accurate, real-time spend analytics? What did we spend today?
  3. How does my procurement team interact with other departments? Are other departments appropriately informed and do they have a healthy understanding of our relationship?
  4. Are we confident in our supplier relationships? Where can we improve?
  5. What goals do we have for Q3 and do we have the right resources to reach those goals?

Understanding where you are in your procurement journey will help you know which steps you need to take next. If any of these questions draw up red flags for you, you need to look for a more reliable procurement system.

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