The Case for Cloud: SAAS Safety

How eProcurement Tackles Cloud Safety

When it comes to online security, not all SAAS solutions are created equally. As with all new technologies, the cloud comes with some concerns, primarily safety of information and data. So how can you know if the solution you are researching can provide a safe environment for your data?

Third- Party Confirmation

Any solution can tell you they are safe and secure, but only a third party is a truly reliable source for authentic safety. Relying on a verified third party like Plynt Certification demonstrates genuine, tested security. From the Plynt Certification website, “We won’t certify your app until we’ve subjected it to penetration testing against an exhaustive set of security standards and vulnerabilities.” Plynt certification means genuine online safety for all of your data and online records.

In addition to third-party confirmation, recognizing the safety and success of cloud solutions as a whole is important in understanding your risks. According to a 2014 Cloud Security Report from Alert Logic, hackers that break into servers within enterprise data centers are 4 times as likely to suffer a malware/bot attack than a cloud hosting provider. Cloud solutions are one case where what is familiar (traditional on-premises software and hardware) is not what is most safe (protected cloud solution).

Even with important cloud advancements, doing your research is important. For example, Vroozi takes online security very seriously. Vroozi has undergone the most rigorous security tests to become Plynt Certified. You can read more about our online security at Why Vroozi: Proven & Secure.

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