New Procurement and Customization

What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Future of Supply Chain

At Vroozi, we maintain customization as one of our most important features. One solution does not fit all. Today, we are seeing this personalization and customization rapidly increasing everywhere in supply chain.

Personal advertising was popularly highlighted in the 2002 film, Minority Report. As the protagonist walks through the mall, personalized ads call him out by name and recall his past purchasing behavior. This idea that was once so futuristic is pretty much a reality now.

We may not be individually called out in malls, but online advertising has utilized personalized ads through “cookies” and “remarketing” for years now. This personalization is only set to increase.

Artificial Intelligence in Procurement

Predictive Purchasing

Just as consumers can expect to get what they want quickly, business purchasers have the same freedom with e-Procurement. Powerful, predictive systems enhance the user experience by predicting what they need.

As artificial intelligence continues to increase in both consumer and business purchasing, users will come to expect what they are looking for faster. As procurement providers, we aim to make that a reality now with powerful predictive shopping.

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Source: Spend Matters, The Hyper-Personalized Supply Chain is Coming: Are You Ready?
Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash