Expense Reports as Mobile as You Are

Smart, Simple, Satisfying Expensing: Procurement

As Chief Strategy Officer at Vroozi, I am always on the go. Right now, I am in the midst of travels between Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York City and a few other stops along the way. Over my career, I put in enough miles to perfect my art of travel and I’m to the point where I have a pretty smooth operation. But just like my work at Vroozi, I’m always looking for ways to improve the journey.

For example, before I ever even get to my destination, I can check-in to my hotel through my mobile phone. No waiting in long lines during busy times at the hotel check-in. I always have my smartphone with me so when mobile hotel check-in became accessible, it was a no-brainer addition to my travel operation.

Likewise, I’m especially proud of our newest module, Vroozi Expense. From a user standpoint, the value is brilliant. When traveling, I need to keep track of all my receipts. It wasn’t that long ago that expense reports meant bringing home a stack of receipts and taping them to a paper to send in to AP. With Vroozi Expense, I snap pictures of my receipts from my smartphone as I go. I can either add them to my ‘Wallet’ for safe-keeping or send in the expense report right away. It’s easy and quick enough that I can finish the whole process on my next cab ride.

From a business standpoint, our spend insight doesn’t skip a beat because expense reports come back quicker than ever.

Vroozi Expense is the cherry on top of my travel operation success. Vroozi Expense puts me in the fast lane for expense reports.

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