The 3 C’s of Procurement from Co-Op’s Group CPO

Understanding and Teaching Better Procurement

Many procurement professionals can readily see the value they bring their company, but struggle to communicate that value company-wide. To demonstrate that value, having a clear and concise explanation ready will yield powerful results.

Fabienne Lesbros is Chief Procurement Officer at the Co-op Group shared in a recent interview with her three C’s of procurement.

Contribute, Control, Cut.

These 3 C’s can be a quick and easy way to demonstrate the power and value of procurement.



Procurement professionals “contribute to the profit margin” through deals and strategies based on innovative market insights.


Procurement allows companies to “control costs” and manage spend. With a procurement platform like Vroozi, procurement professionals can quickly and easily manage all spending in one place.


Procurement cuts unwanted, unnecessary costs so the business can “re-invest in what is truly needed.”


Explaining the power of procurement empowers your procurement team and empowers your business to succeed with better procurement.

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