How One Baltimore County Executive is Helping Women & Minority-Owned Businesses

Procurement Power

Last week, Vroozi posted about the power of procurement in closing the gender gap. Just a month ago, Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, signed a new executive order that will make it easier for women and minority-owned businesses to get government contracts.

A Win for Women

This new initiative shortens the time required to submit an application and does more to help small businesses participate in government contracts. The process that was once 90 days is now only 30 days and will have a significant impact on the businesses affected by the new order.

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A Win for Government

This new program will provide benefits not only to women, but also to the government contracts by increasing the competitiveness of the procurement program. The increase in competition means better access to quality goods and services at competitive prices.

Vroozi Enables Women Owned Businesses with Filters in Vroozi Marketplace

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, diversifying your supplier program improves procurement for both the suppliers and the organization procuring goods and services.

At Vroozi, we love to recognize procurement heroes. Kevin Kamenetz is our procurement hero for using procurement to stand for a social cause and improve the government spending in Baltimore.

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Source: Biz Journal, Kamenetz aims to make procurement easier for minority, women-owned businesses