E-Procurement is the Gift of Time

Procurement Time-Saving Tips

Time is so valuable and our world seems to be growing increasingly busy. Procurement is demanding, and making the most of your time is crucial to procurement success. Here are 5 ways you can use procurement to optimize your time.

Create Shopping Lists

Shopping lists are effective tools not only for keeping within your budget, but also for quick and easy re-ordering. Many industries frequently need to re-order the same items. With e-procurement solutions like Vroozi Express, users can easily create and share shopping lists that are easily customizable for future re-orders.

Use an Automated Approval System

A common procurement bottleneck occurs in the approval system. With manual or absent approval systems, spend can easily get out of control or totally backed up, blocking the progress of any project. With an automated approval system, each user’s requests are automatically routed to the correct approver, who can easily approve or reject the request from any device.

Employ 3-Way Checks for Timely, Accurate Payments

With a digitized system, you can automatically be notified if there is ever a discrepancy between the Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, and the Invoice. Doing this manually would be an overwhelming task in the paperwork alone. A digitized system saves time, eliminates errors, and prevents fraud.

Shop in a user-friendly, one-stop marketplace

Access to suppliers is vital for saving time. Manual procurement forces users to shop in a variety of methods- fax, e-mail, online, etc- and wastes time that could be better utilized elsewhere. With a catalog management and marketplace solution, users can efficiently find exactly what they need.

Integrate all your systems

Disparate software and systems hold back your processes and workflow. With an e-procurement solution that seamlessly integrates with your financial system or ERP solution, your processes will all run smoothly and efficiently.


Saving time is important in our busy world today. Procurement helps you balance a demanding work environment with many tasks.

If you would like to learn more about how you can save time and money with e-procurement, request a live demo today.