Integrations  that Enhance Procurement

Powerful IBM Maximo Solution

When you are looking for new technology, you don’t want to lose the power and value of your old technology. Vroozi’s integration power is focused on not only integrating seamlessly, but also supercharging the power of existing technology.

Vroozi offers an enhanced marketplace to enhance the purchasing experience for IBM customers. Bringing different suppliers into one central database as a one-stop shop marketplace will truly empower spend tracking and analytics. With one set of unified data, errors are minimized and data cannot be corrupted. IBM Maximo is an intelligent solution for contract and asset management and Vroozi brings that power with the power of Vroozi for increased visibility.

The Power of IBM Maximo with Vroozi

Now, Maximo users can punch out to Vroozi catalog solution via Work Order, Job Plans, Purchase Requisition, and Purchase Order. In complex settings where accuracy saves time and money, this capability allows organizations to use IBM Maximo’s functionality in the context of Vroozi’s procurement solution to eliminate manual input errors and centralize all catalog content.

Vroozi Benefits with IBM Maximo

  • Consumer shopping features that drive a 100% user adoption rate and minimize maverick spend
  • An easy-to-use catalog management tool that allows suppliers to provide content updates within minutes
  • A universal marketplace that allows Maximo customers to connect multiple Maximo systems and other ERP solutions
  • Fast deployment with a pre-packaged IBM web adapter
  • Cost-effective monthly subscription fee with no transaction or supplier network fees
  • One-click access from Maximo to Vroozi Marketplace

If you use IBM Maximo, reach out to Vroozi today to see how we can help you supercharge your procurement process. Register here for a personal live demo.