Spend Matters Procurement Rankings

Vroozi Rankings Improve from Customers and Analysts

Download SolutionMap Report Here.

This week Spend Matters released their newest SolutionMaps, which show rankings for top companies in a variety of categories like Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay.

The rankings from these reports represent a huge amount of effort and analysis from the Spend Matters team. Their insights reflect where many top ranking companies sit today and their progress from previous reports.

At Vroozi, we are thrilled with our ranking improvement and the progress we have made in such a short time. The Vroozi Team is committed to providing procurement solutions that fit the needs of our customers. As needs arise and evolve, we work to develop new solutions to meet those needs, such as our recent releases, Vroozi Expense and Vroozi Invoice.

Anyone can download the SolutionMap results for free here. Here are some key highlights from the newest Spend Matters release.


Vroozi ranked in the top quadrant for both analyst and customer scores for the Nimble Persona and ranked very high in each persona. This year’s ranking shows a big improvement from our previous placement as we have worked with customers to get their feedback and improve their solutions.



The recent addition of Vroozi Invoice opened the door for participation in the Invoice-to-Pay category. Vroozi has top marks for customer scores in every persona. Even at the earliest stages of Vroozi Invoice, customers are having a great experience with this new tool.



Vroozi ranked high in the Procure-to-Pay category, and top quadrant in the Nimble persona trailing only behind the very large industry leader, Coupa.

These rankings represent the successful results of each member of Team Vroozi. We are honored to be recognized by Spend Matters for our improved position and proud of what Team Vroozi has done in such a short amount of time.

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