The Power of Compliance

Why User-Friendly Makes a Difference in Procurement

Businesses today are making the full digital transformation, and some procurement teams are leading the way with user-friendly procurement solutions.

Change is hard and often resisted – especially in making the leap from manual to digital procurement, which can feel like a big change to many procurement users. Companies using ERPs or even just overly complex procurement solutions find that users are either slow to adapt or refuse to adapt by spending outside the system.

Without compliance, users negate the value of the procurement system and cause expensive loss of information by spending outside the system. While some leaders may struggle to know how to ‘force’ their users to work within the system, there will always be natural resistance to solutions that users recognize as ineffective.

The key to compliance is user-friendly solutions. 

The faster users become comfortable with their new solution, the more willing and open to change they will be. User-friendliness is about empowering employees with their right resources to do their job.

In procurement, this openness and willingness does more than empower employees, but ultimately saves companies money through better strategic spending as more spend will be processed in the system. Rogue spending decreases and strategic spending increases.

At Vroozi, we recognize this as a need for all businesses that purchase. If you would like to learn more about how Vroozi procurement can improve your compliance, register for live demo today.