Communication Fears & Resolution

How to Communicate Better in Procurement

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Miscommunications & Misalignments

The cost of lacking communication in a procurement organization is huge and, often, unmeasurable. Organizations struggle to know how to get everyone on the same page and how to quickly and effectively communicate.

One example of costly miscommunications is the disconnect between purchasers and negotiated contracts. Procurement leaders may have negotiated great terms with their suppliers, but then find it difficult to communicate the ideal purchasing practicing to their internal purchasers based on those contracts. This becomes expensive in wasted effort, time, and lost savings.


To improve communication, organizations need a single source of truth. Purchasing teams trying to use spreadsheets to manage all their data quickly find it very difficult to maintain one space where all collaborators can get the most up-to-date information. By using an online system to track all data in one place, every user throughout the procurement chain can get access to the best and newest data relevant to their position.

As for disconnects between purchasers and contracts, a purchasing Marketplace allows purchasers to have easy insight and access to all the same contract information. Purchasers are empowered with the right information about preferred suppliers and contract terms so they can make the right buying decisions.

Come back Thursday for the next part in the Procurement Fears series. Educating yourself on how to address miscommunication and misalignment eliminates fear and enables you to take the action needed to resolve issues.

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