Black Friday Predictions 2017

E-Commerce and Procurement Trends

Vroozi’s mobile-first strategy helps procurement teams make the most of consumer shopping trends in a business shopping environment. Black Friday is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This shopping holiday is always a point of interest in consumer shopping trends, so let’s see what predictions are preceding Black Friday this year.

While Black Friday looks to be a promising day for robust sales, Cyber Monday is actually taking over Black Friday for online sales. 17% more people reported they would be making purchases on Cyber Monday than did last year, in a survey by RetailMeNot. The Cyber Monday of 2016 was the largest online shopping sales day ever, and this year’s Cyber Monday will likely be even bigger.

This shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping is, of course, a trend we have seen not only for shopping holidays, but also shopping year-round. Retailers and purchasing businesses of all kinds are adapting to online purchasing.

How has your organization prepared for the shift from store to web for purchasing? While some struggle through painfully manual spreadsheet tracking, the best companies know that the most cost-effective way to purchase is with eProcurement. Just as the consumer trend shifted to online shopping, so too has business shopping.

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Source: Forbes, 2017 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Predictions