Black Friday Shopping 2017

How Procurement Handles Brick & Mortar Shopping

Amidst all the excitement about the growth of online shopping, the growth of shopping in brick and mortar stores sometimes gets neglected. While, it’s true that online purchasing is expecting to grow at a large rate, brick and mortar stores offer an experience that many shoppers still prefer.

Brick and mortar stores still represent a huge selling opportunity. Stores can accommodate customers that prefer an in-store experience, and continue to see growth in both online and in-person sales.

The Brick & Mortar of Procurement

For businesses, purchasing is rapidly moving online and companies will find the most value in their spending strategy as they take advantage of online purchasing opportunities. Though, an organization that completely ignores the potential for off-system spending will never achieve full spend visibility.

The best spending solutions provide a powerful way to catch all spending. For example, Vroozi Expense helps companies catch expenses on-the-go to get spend insights as quickly as possible. It is a mobile-friendly way to help your employees track expenses wherever they are. Knowing that not all purchasing happens online, Vroozi prepares its users with spend tracking for any type of purchasing.

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