Are you Mobile-Ready?

Mobile Shopping and Procurement 2017

One of the most notable shopping trends this season is the increase in mobile shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday digital sales both increased this year, and mobile shopping played a large role in driving digital purchasing.

Last year, Walmart noted that 70% of its online traffic came through mobile users. This trend of increasing mobile traffic is only expected to increase in 2017.

According to Adobe research, desktop users completed purchases more often than mobile purchasers, indicating, in part, that a poor mobile experience can cost retailers significantly in sales. As retailers note the increase in mobile shoppers, they are improving their mobile shopping experience.

Is your Business Mobile-Ready?

Businesses have not traditionally been quick to adapt to consumer trends in the procurement industry, but the technology is rapidly improving allowing smaller businesses to take advantage of powerful purchasing solutions. The mobile-friendly shopping experience is now expected among consumers, and Vroozi makes that same experience available to business purchasers.

Mobile purchasing is just as important for businesses as it is for consumers. As the workforce grows increasingly remote and on-the-go, a mobile solution gives the right people mobile access to keep the purchasing process flowing.

Mobile shopping can keep your business fast, efficient, and stress-free. Learn more by registering for a live demo or signing up for a free 30-day trial of Vroozi Purchase Platform.

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