What is Bigger than Black Friday?

This Season’s Shopping Trends

Another Black Friday and Cyber Monday ended, but shopping deals and trends to look out for will continue through the whole holiday season. Here are 3 top trends that stood out this season.

Spending is up.

As deals get even bigger and more retailers offer discounts, consumers spending increased in-stores and online. Spending increases were reported to be between 15 – 18% more than last year.

Black Friday is gone for good.

Black Friday is officially dead in 2017 according to Business Insider. As one door closes, another opens – enter Black November.

This year deals began earlier than ever and will continue through the whole holiday season. Each day in November, shoppers collectively spent over $1B online. That spending accounts for 18% growth over last year.

Another reason for the death of Black Friday leads us to our next holiday shopping trend…

Mobile Shopping

Because shoppers can now shop anywhere, anytime, retailers have the opportunity to provide attention-grabbing deals that are equally available to consumers. According to Adobe, this is the first year that the majority of online shopping took place through mobile devices, rather than desktops or tablets. A whopping 46% of online traffic came from mobile shoppers.

What Shopping Trends Mean for your Business

As mobile shopping transforms consumer buying habits, businesses can get the same buying power within their own organizations. Mobile procurement allows users to easily keep their workflow moving.

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Source: Business Insider, Black Friday is dead — and it’s being replaced by an even bigger shopping event