Treasurers Look to Adopt Mobile Technology in 2018

Mobile Purchasing and Procurement for Better Business

Treasurers are looking for new tools, especially mobile solutions, according to a recent survey published by Capital One. Researches found that two-thirds of treasurers are looking to implement mobile banking capabilities in the next year. Additionally, 38% of treasurers reported that their teams can already complete tasks through mobile technology on a regular basis, which is more than double the 16% reported last year.

The top 4 features treasurers are looking for include: 

These findings are significant not only in the banking industry, but for all industries that have access to mobile technology.

Mobile technology provides better access and more familiar access to many users. Mobile purchasing is becoming the standard for consumers, and businesses will follow. By adopting mobile technology, businesses empower their employees, cut down processing time, and save money through improved contract access and analytics.

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Source:, Treasurers’ Appetite For Mobile Tools Grows, Finds Capital One