Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Help Showcase IKEA Products

Improving Shopping from Anywhere

IKEA recently promoted their newest store using virtual reality that merges new tech with the classic in-store experience. The in-store virtual reality experience includes two games that draw in customers and highlight key features of their products.

This new marketing endeavor is following on the heels of another great IKEA campaign, where shoppers can use augmented reality to see how certain IKEA products would look in their own home. This incredible technology lets users use their iPhone and see an actual item in their home.

Kelly Cronin Niszczak, IKEA North America’s media project manager said, “I think, for us, it was taking the next level and trying to educate consumers and [draw] potential guests to the store. It’s another layer of our amazing stories we have about product development and sustainability … I think for us it really helped to depend that knowledge base for our guests.”

Businesses that are using new technology to their advantage can improve their in-store and digital experience together. In the past, some retailers have been too focused on one outlet or the other, but the best businesses know how to integrate all their shopping experiences for a unified great experience.

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Source:, IKEA Gamifies Store Openings With VR