2018 Digital Trends and Procurement Software

What to Look for in Mobile Procurement Solutions

The shopping holidays in 2017 highlighted some important consumer trends that are shaping the way we purchase and do business. As we kick off 2018, we are keeping an eye on 2018’s upcoming mobile and digital trends.


While mobile device use in the enterprise sphere is nothing new, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models are increasing in enterprise organizations everywhere. Mobile use for business is not slowing down in 2018.

Cloud-based Appsmobile digital trends

The importance of cloud is playing a bigger role in app development and business everywhere. The cloud is becoming safer and more trusted. The cloud gives enterprises better access to less expensive and higher quality software solutions.

Digital Transformation Necessity

Companies that may have gotten by without digital transformation in the past will quickly find that disregarding new tech is no longer an option. In procurement, many companies try to use manual, outdated spreadsheet solutions to manage vast amounts of purchasing data. These solutions will be left behind in 2018 as companies like Vroozi offer powerful, yet simple purchasing software and analytics solutions.

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