CES 2018 Las Vegas Highlights by P2P Software


Today marks the start of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Run by the Consumer Technology Association, this annual trade show is the center of exciting tech breakthroughs and unveilings.

Here are just a few highlights we are excited to see at CES.

Self Flying Car

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich shared the ‘volocopter,’ what he called a “flying car.” He explained, “Imagine pulling out your phone, opening up a transportation app and summoning your own personalized ride by air taxi. That sci-fi vision of the future is actually much closer than you might think.” The volocopter is an autonomous passenger drone and an exciting look into the future of transportation.

Mind-blowing New TVs

What would CES be without a mind-blowing new television screen? Panasonic’s new FZ950 and FZ800 TVs’ picture quality is so remarkable that it is Hollywood’s choice for post-production houses. Panasonic has already set a high standard in screens this year for CES.

Life-Saving Tech

Too many people are familiar with the deadly nature of falls. French company, HeLite, demonstrated their hip airbags, literally airbags that rest around your hips designed with skiers, motorcyclists, and horse riders in mind.

Stay tuned for more CES 2018 updates this week.

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