CES 2018 Highlights by Purchasing Software

Updates from Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show continues on this week with exciting demonstrations, announcements, and new tech unveiled. Here are a few updates.

The Bad

A power outage, likely caused by intense rainfall, shut down the CES lights for about an hour. Backup power was able to keep some of the show partially running. The issues lasted just over a couple of hours, and everyone was relieved to get back to checking out this year’s latest tech.

The Ugly

Kohler’s Numi Toilet connects to the internet, and can lift the seat, flush, be programmed with your choice of bidet settings… and have a conversation with you. Maybe there are some places high-tech is better left behind.

The Good

Xenoma e-skin pajamas are designed as smart clothing that could allow dementia patients more freedom and movement in hospitals. While many patients are now confined to their room for observation, with the e-skin pajamas their stats could be monitored from anywhere within their facility.

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