2018 Future of Procurement Solutions

What to Expect from Your E-Procurement System

Kicking off the New Year generally has everyone looking to the future- anticipations, goals, and hope for good things to come.

In the world of procurement, Gartner recently published some fascinating predictions about the future of procurement. So, what can you expect from the future of procurement? Here are the top 3 2018 predictions:Gartner Predictions

Half of all legacy spend-analysis software will be set aside and replaced with cloud-based solutions.

Three-fourths of B2B tail spend will be purchased on an online marketplace.

All major P2P suites will have chatbots that can help guide buyers through the purchasing process.

These predictions showcase a vital theme of procurement development: ease-of-use. A guiding principle for Vroozi from the beginning, ease-of-use is at the forefront of developers minds everywhere now. Complicated legacy software is being replaced by simpler, cloud solutions. Disparate tail spend is moving all onto one system. P2P suites will have chatbots to guide buyers quickly and easily to their purchasing goal.

Vroozi makes purchasing easy with a cloud-based purchasing platform that is fully-mobile, meaning your business never stops moving. Find out more with a free live procure to pay demo.

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Source: Supply Chain Quarterly, Gartner announces its top three procurement technology predictions for 2018 and beyond