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P2P Software: Healthy Employees, Healthy Finances

Poor health costs US employers $226B each year, according to the CDC Foundation. An increasing number of employees come into work despite being sick. Pressure from employers or concern over falling behind prompts many workers to come into the office when they are ill.Healthy Procurement

During the current flu epidemic, germs are a most unwelcome gift from co-workers, and yet many people insist on coming into the office in the name of productivity. Sick employees in the work-space are not only less productive themselves, but often quickly spread their illness to colleagues prolonging the effect on businesses. The cost of lost productivity is so high because many employees do not take the appropriate time to recover themselves and then pass on their illness.

With cloud procurement, employees are empowered to work remotely. Some industries are prone to having a large, remote workforce that requires cloud accessibility to purchasing. Others may not have a constantly remote workforce, but between travelling, illnesses, and other extenuating circumstances, a cloud purchasing platform allows business to keep moving no matter what else is going on.

By removing these roadblocks with cloud procurement, employees can work from home with confidence that they are not falling behind, recovering faster, and not sharing their germs with colleagues.

Learn more about cloud procurement with the Vroozi Procure to Pay Test Drive, a self-led demo that let’s you see just how easy procurement can be.

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Source: CDC Foundation, Worker Illness And Injury Costs U.S. Employers $225.8 Billion Annually