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Malls are so commonplace across US cities today that it is hard to imagine a time without them. Yet, it was only 1956 when the first shopping mall was opened in Edina, MN. Victor Gruen was the brains behind the first mall and totally changed the way we shop. His work still has a huge effect on how we shop today.History of American Malls

Gruen saw the shopping options before malls as ugly and inconvenient. Each store was individual, so parking was a hassle, and store windows lined the streets with garish posters calling out to shoppers. His idea was to create a one-stop shop that was easier for consumers and more attractive on the outside.

His result was the Southdale Center, which still stands today- though largely remodeled. His innovations that were once revolutionary are now the standard of American malls. The layout of his malls – department stores at each end filled with shops in between, open air cafes in the center – is the type for almost all brick-and-mortar malls today.

Of course, today we have a new kind of technological mall. The online marketplace brings together shoppers. In business purchasing, online purchase platforms are the modern-day equivalent of Gruen’s original mall. Built for the shoppers convenience with visually appealing design, purchase platforms like Vroozi bring the same benefits of Gruen’s mall to business purchasers today.

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