Consumer Purchasing and Procure to Pay Process

Insights from Consumer to Business Procurement Software

I am now a little over 8 months pregnant. I am learning to adapt to all things maternity, and will soon be adapting to having a new little family member. Preparing for a new baby includes learning all I can to be a good mother, celebrating with loved ones, and lots of fun baby shopping. (Between my shopping and baby gifts from generous friends and family, this little girl already has a better wardrobe than I do!)

On the other side of all my nursery and baby preparation purchases is a massive industry that is expected to keep growing. The diaper industry alone is expected to reach $71.4bn by 2023. As a consumer, my purchasing experience is not so different from a traditional procurement process.

SuppliersConsumer Purchasing Trends

Competition is high in the diaper industry. Each major brand has a rewards program meant to build up relationship and retention with diaper buyers. Finding the right diaper partner is a big deal, just like finding the right supplier and maintaining that relationship is very important in procurement.


There are countless diaper reviews and comparisons online. While it is helpful for me to see what people thought about one certain diaper, it is much more helpful when I can find a side-by-side comparison. Just like the side-by-side comparisons you can find on the Vroozi Marketplace, comparing products from multiple suppliers is a huge help in making that buying decision.

Recurring Orders

Now, many large retailers offer discounts for subscriptions. This is not so different from recurring orders. Purchasing platforms with recurring orders makes purchasing recurring items incredibly easy.

Jumping into this consumer world’s purchasing experience as I prepare for our new addition, I have seen valuable insights about the business purchasing world. As you examine your own personal purchasing decisions and experiences, you will better understand how your business purchasing processes can be better, too.


Vroozi was created to help purchasers at work experience the same ease and familiarity with purchasing as they do in their own consumer purchases. To learn more, try out the Vroozi E-Procurement Test Drive, a self-led demo that shows just a few of the great features that makes Vroozi so great.

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