How to Help Overwhelmed Procurement Software Staff

How to Improve Business Communication with Procurement Solutions

Overwhelmed employees is a major issue for many procurement teams. At Vroozi, we are all about empowering employees and believe the right procurement solution can make all the difference to empower employees. Your procurement team should be excited to do their job, not overwhelmed.

For the next two weeks, the Vroozi Blog will feature posts on how to empower your team and help overwhelmed team members enjoy their work again.

Cost of Employee Burnout

Factors like healthcare costs, lost productivity, and absenteeism are major contributors to the cost of employee burnout to their employers. This cost may total upwards of $150B in the US economy according to Workplace Psychology. So finding a solution will help your employees and the business at the same time

Communication is key in helping overwhelmed employees overcome their stress. Here are a few key points for better communication in the workplace.


Employee Burnout: Communication

Be open to direct two-way communication with employees and leadership. By starting necessary conversations in an open setting, teams can openly discuss how to improve and better support each other to avoid employee burnout.


Taking the time to listen to employees shows appreciation for their work and value on their input. Allow employees to voice their opinions in decision-making. When workers feel heard, a huge burden is alleviated even if there is no immediate solution.

Proper Processes

Poorly handled business processes, often resulting from manual, outdated procedures, creates costly miscommunications and can be very frustrating for hard-working employees. Mishandled communications add unnecessary stress to employees. Providing the right resources for employees to be successful is key.

Begin improving communication with your team today. Start a needed conversation. Listen to what others have to say. Examine if there is a way to improve business processes for better communication.

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