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Impact of Mobile on Future of Healthcare

Over the last 5 years, Vroozi changed the P2P landscape with its fully mobile purchasing software. Over the next couple of weeks, our posts will focus on how mobile has changed, is changing and will change through future technology.

One of the key ways healthcare has made a huge jump through mobile technology is new access to remote or underdeveloped areas. Places that were once shut off from medical help can now access more up-to-date information and even remote diagnoses through mobile phones. Mobile Healthcare

Rural areas are not the only ones affected by new healthcare benefits through mobile phones. Smartphones offer apps that can help people with all sorts of healthcare needs. A recent study on the eCAALYX mobile app is a perfect demonstration of what we can expect from the future of healthcare in mobile technology.

eCAALYX combines a mobile app with a wearable health sensor that keeps elderly patients’ doctors constantly connected to vital information. The collected data is automatically analyzed for inconsistencies that alerts patients and healthcare providers to issues such as tachycardia and signs of respiratory infections.

This incredible, life-saving technology is powered by mobile technology and is certainly one of the forerunners to the future of healthcare.

To learn more about how mobile technology is changing other industries, stay tuned for upcoming posts. For more information on mobile business purchasing, register for an e-procurement live demo today.

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