Higher Education on Your Smartphone

The Power of Mobile Education with Procurement Solutions

Next up in our series on how mobile is changing different industries: Education. In the US, education has often progressed only as quickly (or slowly) as government or private investors are willing to invest. Lagging technology in schools and funding is a widespread issue. Of course, education is not limited to schools- all kinds of industries need to be able to educate their workforce efficiently.

More Accessible EducationMobile Education

As for higher education, universities are starting now to adopt mobile technology. Online classes accessible through a mobile device give students better access no matter where they are. A class can be taught to students in many time zones because physical presence is no longer necessary. In the future, universities will be able to reach more students with the benefit of higher enrollment.

Blending Education and Profession

A powerful benefit from mobile education is the marriage of education with a full-time profession. Individuals and companies succeed together when the employees are progressing in their own personal lifelong education. Mobile education allows workers to learn on the job. This allows them to focus on the areas that will help their specific job function that will help them immediately perform better at work.

Social Education

Mobile technology means better connectivity – not only for the universities to the students, but also for the students to each other. Mobile education gives students access to an international peer group rather than only people sitting in the same class in geographic location. By opening discussion to a more diverse audience, students gain better understanding and perspective than they otherwise could.

Better education is what will fuel the advancement of mobile technology in many industries. This technology is exciting and will provide many more opportunities for education for those who are willing to seek them out.

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